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Where memories coalesce into constellations.


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Schrodinger's Cat Syndrome and the Autism Connection

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Schrodinger's Cat Syndrome and the Autism Connection

Could Schrodinger’s Cat Syndrome be causing autism?

There’s a theory that the increase in cases of autism may be caused by ultrasounds. Or, that ultrasounds can cause autism.

Does the act of taking a photo, observing, the moment in time when synapses and chemical reactions are forming within the brain, stop or alter the quantum development of neurons? Does this exposure, or observation, lock the superposition of quantum material when it otherwise would not have been? Just as Schrodinger's cat is both alive and dead, the developing brain is both neurodivergent and neurotypical. Does revealing the development during the ultrasound cause material at the quantum level to instantiate – to render prematurely, unnaturally, or at different moment in time than it otherwise would have – and thus cause autism?

In other words, by using an ultrasound to examine the fetus, the ultrasound exposes the development of the brain. Elements within the brain at the quantum level are now forced to take their superposition because they are being observed. This forcing of superposition is not occurring when it naturally would have, and this premature formation is now imposed upon the individual for life. The outward manifestation being autism.

Could ultrasounds be the 21st Century variant of bloodletting? Historians scoffing when looking back at our medicine, “Look at those morons, blasting radio frequencies into a forming baby's brain without thinking there would be consequences…”

Autism and Bonding

When considered abstractly, autism is a horrifying disorder. Fundamentally, autism is the inability to “commonly” bond with others. Or, the inability / disability / struggle to socially bond in a normal way with other members of your own species.

Autism is a physical condition of the brain. Its mechanical structure is different. The part of the brain that releases the appropriate chemistry when bonding with others is not operating typically. The reason this is a disorder is because bonding plays a significant role as an innate and fundamental survival mechanism for humans. 

Just as air, water, food, and shelter are necessary to sustain human life – bonding with other humans is also necessary. Beyond the ideas of love, support, and friendship – simple bonds with other humans are required to acquire fundamental elements such as water, food, shelter, and protection. Especially for our early ancestors, these basic bonds with other humans were, with all certainty, life or death.

Extrapolated, in the clearest terms, your human life will end if you do not develop an ability to bond with other people. Bonding is a required, and a fundamental, defining attribute of being human. Bonds and relationships are necessary in order to survive, and ultimately thrive, in a traditionally meaningful life. So, if your brain is broken — disabled — if your brain is constructed differently and you don’t possess the ability to release chemical agents appropriately and form bonds and form relationships with others, you're going to struggle. Relying on others is a fundamental trait of being human, and an organic birthright as a neurotypical person.

My Introduction To Autism

The reason I'm writing this, the reason I need to process this, is because I'm just learning that I'm autistic. Beyond the rainbow colors and special puzzle pieces, I needed to know what autism actually is. I needed a real definition, a scientific explanation. I needed to know what's happening in my brain and why it's making life difficult.



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