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Where memories echo through time.


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The Bitter Truth: A Candid Reflection on Mortality

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The Bitter Truth: A Candid Reflection on Mortality

Recently, I've been faced with a lot of questions about mortality. It just seems to be a constant issue in which all endings are bleak.

Think about it, this little journey we're all on. The young years, all of which you are in who would be reading this, are great. Everything is new, we have dreams for the future and ideas of how we want our lives to turn out. Does anyone really think past 55 or 60? I mean, once you've risen to the top and you've gracefully bowed out of your professional life? You might still have another 40 years ahead of you, have you ever thought about that? What are you going to do with them? I mean, in your young years you're completely consumed with finding a partner, finishing school, getting that perfect career, raising a family, and achieving personal greatness. Then what? Your kids are all grown up, you're forced into retirement, and all you have to look forward to is your next sugar-free jello cup and death. Death is the next step after all...

Basically once you hit that ripe age where your contribution to society stops, all you have left is Matlock and water aerobics. It's like you're just hanging around until one of your vital organs quits and you never have to worry about bending over to tighten up one of those velcro shoes. Sure, you might get suckered into watching the grandkids every now and then but no one takes you seriously. Think about it. How many times have you blown off the wisdom of an old man or just smiled and nodded as grandma tells you stories of the great depression? Or maybe it was Gone With The Wind with a hint of The Wizard of Oz? Doesn't matter, "she's old" you tell yourself.

Then you have the group who say "the golden years are the best years, that's why they're golden". No, they're golden because your teeth, toenails, and cholesterol pills are yellow. No matter who you are, your hair is going to start failing out, your eyesight is going to fail, your skin is going to sag, and your love for pudding will grow. Chances are, at least in our society, you'll wind up in a nice little home with a bunch of strangers and insolent nurses who forget to bring you that cholesterol pill which you for some reason want so desperately so you can cling on to your existence for a few more months.

So what are your alternatives? You could die early. I mean, you could not waste time with professional success or the family thing. That would kind of make your young years pointless though, wouldn't it? You can't plan an early death, maybe that's the trouble. It just sort of happens. Often times it happens to those who don't want to die early, robbing them of the joy of finally understanding The Bill Cosby Show. Nope, can't plan an early death. You can't plan a midlife death either. It's unfortunate that you can't say "well, I'm as far as I'm going to make it in my career, the kids have finally stopped leeching off me and I really don't feel like catching 60 Minutes next week. Let's do this." You can, however, plan your feeble bedridden death. You'll have plenty of time to make casket arrangements, explicitly tell those who will still listen to you where you want your ass planted, and divvy up that precious stamp collection in your will. An old death is a looming death. You've already lived and all you have left to think about is dying.

Here is my nugget of wisdom for those still reading, remember that life doesn't stop at 60. You may still have the better part of a century ahead of you and plan accordingly. Maybe look past your future and into the present, acknowledge the old people in your life now. Chances are, with modern medicine, they'll be around for a while and are miserable. Do something unexpected to make things new for them again.


Update: Thursday, April 25, 2024 – Origin: 40Y 11M 8D

Why? Why write this? Why put it out there for anyone to read? What was I thinking...

I understand the sarcasm. I understand urgency – to wake young people up and to contemplate the reality of growing old. To value those who are old. The points are good, but why go about it in this way? Why not just say what you're thinking – directly? A straightforward, earnest talk about what it means to grow old. And, start taking that reality seriously as a young person. Know now that you're going to have to plan your retirement – no one else is going to do it for you.

There's just a lot of valuable things – extrapolations – that can be taken from understanding this reality and concept. And, I chose to make pudding jokes.

Just, like, who would want to read that? Yes, it's honest. It's raw. It's what I was thinking at that particular time. I guess the thought that it was real, never really meant to be shared with anyone else – that's what gave it value. Like, I was giving a nugget of truth for the future archeologists. My audience being people two millennia from now. I'm such a weirdo, who thinks like that??

A great writer would have written this in his journal. Then, he would would have taken the idea and written something compelling for an audience that existed during his own timeline. The article would have provided them with useful insight into aging. Why it's important to consider retirement and work towards it, as well as to show appreciation for the elders in your life now. Even if it wasn't perfect, it would have at least been useful and thought-provoking.



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